SAP Table - OLR3_URL

DescriptionIdentifier for the Service of an ERP System Transaction
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassG
Main CategoryPortfolio and Project Management
Sub CategoryProject Management

SAP Project Management Tables

DPR_FORMFP_PRTYPPDF Print Templates per Project TypePPM-PRO
EVE_OBJECT_TYPETApplication Structure: Object Type DescriptionPPM-PRO
DPR_CP_STAGEControl Plan: Category/Categories (Header Level)PPM-PRO
EVE_SEC_OBJECTApplication Structure: Secondary Object TypesPPM-PRO
DPR_CI_FGRP_FLDTcProjects: Texts from Customer Fields for Field GroupsPPM-PRO
DPR_FC_AI_FGGroup Field Control Information in Acc. with AuthorizationPPM-PRO
DPR_CI_STR_OTYPcProjects: Project Elements with Customer FieldsPPM-PRO
DPR_CI_FGROUPScProjects: Field Groups for Customer Fields per Proj.ElementPPM-PRO
EVE_OBJECT_T_SUBApplication Structure: Lower-Level Object TypesPPM-PRO
DPR_FIELD_MAPMapping of BPS field to cProjects fieldPPM-PRO

Full List of SAP Project Management Tables