SAP Table - PAD71

SAP TablePAD71
DescriptionPatch Contents
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassW
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategoryUpgrade - General

SAP Upgrade - General Tables

CWBNTDATACompressed data for OSS NotesBC-UPG
UXCLISTList of Tables to Be Converted Externally with Exp./Imp.BC-UPG
WDELVERSValid Avers ComponentsBC-UPG
NPUTIS: SAP R/3 Add-On Release InformationBC-UPG
TSYSDEFInformation on Industry SwitchBC-UPG
LANGTRKORRLanguages/Requests/Components (in the Upgrade)BC-UPG
CWB_HIST_HCorrection Workbench: History HeaderBC-UPG
STABULOGLog of Customer Modifications of Table EntriesBC-UPG
PAD71KKeys of Table Entries Contained in a PatchBC-UPG
CRR4TABLESMetadata for table based CRRBC-UPG

Full List of SAP Upgrade - General Tables