SAP Table - PAHI

DescriptionHistory of system, DB and SAP parameter
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassL
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategoryUse Subcomponents

SAP Use Subcomponents Tables

TAAN_FLDSTable Analysis: Executed Analyses - FieldsBC-CCM
RZLLITABAssignments of Logon/Server Groups to InstancesBC-CCM
TSRVGRPServer Groups in Background ProcessingBC-CCM
ALTEXTSCHEMADefinition of Schemas for Text HistoryBC-CCM
ST04N_LIMLimiting values for lights in oracle main monitorBC-CCM
CSM_CLSTTranslation Table for CCMS CSM Class NamesBC-CCM
TSPCPCFAVTarget Systems and Target System Groups as Favorite TargetsBC-CCM
ALDBSCTXCCMS Monitoring Arch.: Database Segment: Monitoring ContextsBC-CCM
TBTCPBackground Job Step OverviewBC-CCM
AMRHApplication Monitor: Hierarchy acc. to TCODE/REPORTBC-CCM

Full List of SAP Use Subcomponents Tables