SAP Table - PAT00

SAP TablePAT00
DescriptionPatch Steps
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassW
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategoryUpgrade - General

SAP Upgrade - General Tables

PATCHECK(Application-Specific) Checks in SPAM/SAINTBC-UPG
CWBCICONFIRMLOCCorrection Instruction: Confirmation Non-Transportable Act.BC-UPG
CWBPRSTATTTexts Implementation StatusBC-UPG
UVERS_HISTUpgrade Information - HistoryBC-UPG
GODIRLOCKSynchronization for Reports that Fill GODIRBC-UPG
TAREFTable References of the Transportable Object TypesBC-UPG
EXP_USASCIException handling non US ASCII keysBC-UPG
CWBNTGATTRTable for Any Note AttributesBC-UPG
PUTTBEXCPTPUTTB Consistency Check Exceptions (Report PUTTBCHK)BC-UPG
CWBCICATTRAttributes set by customer for correction instructionsBC-UPG

Full List of SAP Upgrade - General Tables