SAP Table - PAT03_SDA

DescriptionPAT03 for standalone Disassembler
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassW
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategoryUpgrade - General

SAP Upgrade - General Tables

MERGEOBJCollection Table of Problem ObjectsBC-UPG
SERVTYPEApplication Servers Selected for Parallel GenerationBC-UPG
STPSQL_USERDefault directory for specific userBC-UPG
PAT10BOCS Semaphore Extension for Batch OperationBC-UPG
ANONYMIZATIONDStatus Table for DeanonymizationBC-UPG
CVERSRelease Status of Software Components in SystemBC-UPG
SERVTYPEMApplication Servers Selected for Parallel GenerationBC-UPG
AVMOVESAdd-On Moves (Corresponds to IS_MOVES.LST)BC-UPG
ICNVCANDYDD: Contains incr. conv. tables depend. on release/componentBC-UPG
DDDTRENUPGDD: Table for Renaming Data Elements During UpgradeBC-UPG

Full List of SAP Upgrade - General Tables