SAP Table - PAT07

SAP TablePAT07
DescriptionSupport Package Prerequisites
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassW
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategoryUpgrade - General

SAP Upgrade - General Tables

DDCPRODD: Conversion projectsBC-UPG
CWB_SP_WOVSupport Package without VersionBC-UPG
PUTTBCExchange Tables for Each SAP Release and ComponentBC-UPG
NCVERSTable of Software Components in the Shadow RepositoryBC-UPG
CWBMODILOGLog of Customer Modifications to Dev. Env. ObjectsBC-UPG
PATCONFLConflicts Between OCS Packages and Add-Ons (with Objects)BC-UPG
PATACPList of Packages with Attribuets Changed by ACPBC-UPG
GENSETMGeneration Set for Used Machine TypesBC-UPG
CRRTASKHISTCRR Runtime Information of processed tasksBC-UPG

Full List of SAP Upgrade - General Tables