SAP Table - PAT08

SAP TablePAT08
DescriptionExtended Support Package Attributes
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassW
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategoryUpgrade - General

SAP Upgrade - General Tables

SCWB_INDXDummy Table for Packing DataBC-UPG
DDCPROTABDD: Table for conversion projectsBC-UPG
CVERS_ACTActive Software Components in the SystemBC-UPG
UVERSUpgrade InformationBC-UPG
TAREFTable References of the Transportable Object TypesBC-UPG
CWBNTVALIDValidity table for NotesBC-UPG
TSYSTSTCTransactions not Blocked in SAP RetailBC-UPG
CRR_MDS_TRANSPAll trkorr belonging to a maintenance event - no mainimp.bufBC-UPG
UPG_COUNTERUpgrade: Current counter positions for number creationBC-UPG

Full List of SAP Upgrade - General Tables