SAP Table - PMCO1

DescriptionCost profile: Value category proposal
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryPlant Maintenance
Sub CategoryMaintenance Processing

SAP Maintenance Processing Tables

MSAM_CEQUI_TMPTable to store template equipmentsPM-WOC
HIMAPM order history - materialsPM-WOC
ALM_ME_C010PRFTShort ID for Order ProfilePM-WOC
IBDUPostprocessing of PM/SM ObjectsPM-WOC
IWOT_PROFTView Profile Texts for Basic Order ViewPM-WOC
PAMS_SPLITGraphical Planning Board: Splits (Scheduled Objects)PM-WOC
ALM_ME_C010PRFOrder ProcessingPM-WOC
IWOT_PROF_SUBTab Pages for View ProfilesPM-WOC
IOCI_ORGU_TLOCI Interface: Control Parameter Task ListPM-WOC
EAMWS_SAF_CHAR_TSafety Relevance Value DescriptonsPM-WOC

Full List of SAP Maintenance Processing Tables