SAP Table - PREQ

DescriptionRequirement Priorities
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassG
Main CategoryMaterials Management

SAP Materials Management Tables

T160EXCriteria Table für External BAnfenMM
J_1GVL_WHB001Warehouse Book DefinitionMM
J_1GVL_MLMaterial LedgerMM
PURGSDRelationships Between Requirement and Delivery PrioritiesMM
J_1GVL_WHB003Valid MaterialsMM
MMPUR_DEL_IND_TText for MM Deletion IndicatorMM
J_1GVL_WHB009Last Used Page NumbersMM
J_1GTSB01Text for Valuation ClassMM
PRILOCPrioritizing of Storage LocationsMM
BBPD_CTR_IDOCREFReference of contract number for Create IdocsMM

Full List of SAP Materials Management Tables