SAP Table - QMSM

DescriptionQuality notification - tasks
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryPlant Maintenance
Sub CategoryMaintenance Processing

SAP Maintenance Processing Tables

HIKOOrder master data historyPM-WOC
OPROLAVO Link to Object List EntryPM-WOC
T352B_TCatalog profile textsPM-WOC
PAMS_VARIGraphical Planning Board: Field SettingsPM-WOC
TQ80_TNotification type textsPM-WOC
PAMS_NEEDGraphical Planning Board: Requests (Objects to Schedule)PM-WOC
AFKO_KALStoring calendar selections for Maintenance OrderPM-WOC
T355R_TService window textPM-WOC
EAMWS_SAF_CHAR_TSafety Relevance Value DescriptonsPM-WOC
PMCOQT_OPQuantity structure for the maintenance orderPM-WOC

Full List of SAP Maintenance Processing Tables