SAP Table - SDURL2

DescriptionService Directory: Table of URL Addresses
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassL
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategoryExchange Infrastructure

SAP Exchange Infrastructure Tables

SXMSMSTATTExchange Infrastructure: Message Status DescriptionBC-XI
SXMS_PACKCOUNTCounter for Packaged MessagesBC-XI
SXMSITFSearch Help for Interface for Archiving (Without Content)BC-XI
SXIPERF_REG_TABPerformance Regression - Run TablesBC-XI
SXMSINTFXMB: Container for Application Monitoring (Template)BC-XI
SWFDCRLDVERSVersioning of Configuration of Inbound ProcessingBC-XI
IDXALEREQUESTXI IDoc Adapter: Send ALEAUD as Request MessageBC-XI
SXMS_SH_MEMShared Memory Area ConfigurationBC-XI
SWFXIKEYMAPCConversion (client dep.): XI Object + Condition ID -> BRRBC-XI
SXMSPVERSIntegration Engine: Message VersionBC-XI

Full List of SAP Exchange Infrastructure Tables