SAP Table - SOER

DescriptionSAPoffice: receive externally
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategoryBasis Services / Communication Interfaces

SAP Basis Services / Communication Interfaces Tables

TB036TAuthorization Group Objects: TextsBC-SRV
SCMGCONT01Case: Table for Document Content (Import/Export)BC-SRV
SNWD_ITELO_DEPTSEPM: Organisational Unit TableBC-SRV
FDT_EXPR_8000AFDT: Expression - Table OperationBC-SRV
SOFFCHKFSOFF: File Name of Last CheckoutBC-SRV
SRETSRFCLInfo on RFC Destinations for Search Server Relation (Long)BC-SRV
SRMACTFUNCActivity FunctionsBC-SRV
FDT_ADMN_0000TFDT: Central Administrative DataBC-SRV
SERPENTRReporting: Initial Position and Sub-trees (User-specific)BC-SRV
SXDA2SAPDXfer: Structure Info for Data Transfer ObjectBC-SRV

Full List of SAP Basis Services / Communication Interfaces Tables