SAP Table - T007I

SAP TableT007I
DescriptionTax Advance Return, Tax Group and Calendar Year Group Nos
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting

SAP Financial Accounting Tables

VBWF03Release Approval PathsFI
TAKOFReconciliation Accounts with Exception HandlingFI
T021MSort VariantsFI
FOTTBUKRSAssignment of Company Codes to Dominant EnterprisesFI
FERC_D5Totals per reg. account and final objectFI
FOTRFDITMCHGChange Documents, VAT Refund ItemFI
FOTTPRTXMLCountry-Specific ATR Log Data (XML Format)FI
T003DDocument Types for Enjoy TransactionsFI
ACCRBDAccruals/Deferrals Master Data - Basic DataFI
TFIN_XML_TABNAMEXML Data Storage: Control of Tables to Be DownloadedFI

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