SAP Table - T007K

SAP TableT007K
DescriptionTable for Grouping Tax Basis Balances
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting
Sub CategoryGeneral Ledger Accounting

SAP General Ledger Accounting Tables

FAGLFLEX05General Ledger: Additional Acct Assignment: Customer 2FI-GL
FAGL_R_PLReorganization PlanFI-GL
FMPEB_ASSIGNAssign Org. Units to Partially Exempt OrganizationsFI-GL
GLE_MCA_TMCAKEYKey for assigning MCA relevant attributs to SKB1 accountsFI-GL
UMSVZAdvance Return for Tax on Sls/Pur.PeriodFI-GL
FAGL_R_ABKAT_001Reorg: Res. Analysis Categs Not Relev. for WIP Stock Deter.FI-GL
GLFLEX05General ledger: Sender main account assignmentFI-GL
T8G02Item categoriesFI-GL
FAGL_T8A30General Ledger: Default Profit CenterFI-GL
T8PL01FI-Planning: Summary Table Dimensions to be PlannedFI-GL

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