SAP Table - T044J

SAP TableT044J
DescriptionPreference Key for Reading Valuation Results
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting
Sub CategoryGeneral Ledger Accounting

SAP General Ledger Accounting Tables

TACE_ACRTYPE_OPNCalculation Rules for Derived Accrual TypesFI-GL
FAGLSKF_CUSTFLDList of Fields in Customer IncludesFI-GL
T8G03TBusiness transactionFI-GL
T8PLUATTRFI-Planning: Key Figures for PlanningFI-GL
T044IFI Valuation: Determine Base ValueFI-GL
SKB1G/L account master (company code)FI-GL
T8G031Accounting transaction variantFI-GL
GLE_MCA_RV_HSTRYFX Revaluation HistoryFI-GL
FAGL_ALE_CNTRPROSingle Doc. and Summary Doc. Transfer: Central ProcessesFI-GL
T8G11Assignment: MM movement type- accounting transaction variantFI-GL

Full List of SAP General Ledger Accounting Tables