SAP Table - T044LT

SAP TableT044LT
DescriptionSorted List of Open Items
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting
Sub CategoryGeneral Ledger Accounting

SAP General Ledger Accounting Tables

FAGL_DOCNR_LDDocument Types for General Ledger View in a LedgerFI-GL
FAGL_LEDGER_SCENActive Scenarios of a LedgerFI-GL
UMSVTax Balances per Comp.Code, Tax Code and Process.KeyFI-GL
FBRC0085Reconciliation Processes: Rule DefinitionsFI-GL
T011ECalendar of person responsible for unitFI-GL
FAGL_011CC_XBRLF/S Version: Calculation Rule for F/S ItemsFI-GL
ACE_SOP_SCRT_SECHypothetical Security Price Performance for SimulationFI-GL
FAGL_CUST_DETCustomizing Versions: Detailed InformationFI-GL
MT"ACE Account Determination: Account SymbolFI-GL
ACE_SOP_VERSNTXTVersion for Simulation of Performance of Stock PricesFI-GL

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