SAP Table - T077T

SAP TableT077T
DescriptionTable no longer in use
Table TypePOOL
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting

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TTYPObject Types for AccountingFI
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TLOREOIndicator for Logical Document ReorganizationFI
F107_TPROVH_TProvisions ContentFI
TF123Additional Rules for Running Program SAPF124 (Clearing)FI
TACPAK_ACP_MAPAssignment of Assignment Key to Accounting PrinciplesFI
FMFGAAPAYDOCTYPPartial Payments by Acc. Assign.: Supported Document TypesFI
TAX_RFD_CHARSTText Table: VAT Refund Code - Tax Refund CountryFI
J_3K_INTPayment order numeric rangeFI

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