SAP Table - T087V

SAP TableT087V
DescriptionText table asset group number / asset group
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting
Sub CategoryAsset Accounting

SAP Asset Accounting Tables

IDCN_GA_ORDNRAsset Evaluation Group (Golden Audit)FI-AA
SMFIAASpec. FI-AA Data in Monitor (see Schedman_specific_fiaa)FI-AA
TAMLAYBTTab pages in master data: Descriptions of group boxesFI-AA
T087STest table for evaluation group 8 placesFI-AA
T094SNames for Index ClassesFI-AA
ANEVAsset downpymt settlementFI-AA
T093SBSubstitution for Asset Management / Company CodeFI-AA
FAA_TENV_TCMGTManagement Table for Test CasesFI-AA
T082AVIEW0TText Tables for Asset ViewsFI-AA
TABWBTransaction types AuC (no longer used)FI-AA

Full List of SAP Asset Accounting Tables