SAP Table - T090NR

SAP TableT090NR
DescriptionBase Method
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassE
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting
Sub CategoryAsset Accounting

SAP Asset Accounting Tables

T099BInsurance premiumsFI-AA
ANLCAsset Value FieldsFI-AA
T095Balance sheet accounts for depreciation areasFI-AA
T093AReal depreciation areaFI-AA
TA1TVTAsset Transfer VariantFI-AA
TABVODetermine asset value date in Asset Accounting transactionsFI-AA
T093_MAP_ACCMapping Table for Alternative Company CodesFI-AA
T082Field group authorization assetsFI-AA
TFAA_PC_SMAssignment of Subprocess to Processing Methods/ModulesFI-AA
TABWQAsset hist. sheet groupFI-AA

Full List of SAP Asset Accounting Tables