SAP Table - T091T

SAP TableT091T
DescriptionNames for Cut-Off Value Keys
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassE
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting
Sub CategoryAsset Accounting

SAP Asset Accounting Tables

T087STest table for evaluation group 8 placesFI-AA
J_1AAA5ATransaction Types exluded from RV-adjustmentFI-AA
T090NSGMulti-Level Method - Start of ValidityFI-AA
T093BCompany code-related depreciation area specificationsFI-AA
T093RControl Table for Archiving in Asset AccountingFI-AA
TABWTAsset transaction types textsFI-AA
IDCN_GA_DEPParameters for Asset Depreciation (Golden Audit)FI-AA
TABADepreciation posting documentsFI-AA
T093_MAP_ACCMapping Table for Alternative Company CodesFI-AA
T095_ACITechnical Clearing Account for Integrated Asset AcquisitionFI-AA

Full List of SAP Asset Accounting Tables