SAP Table - T160EX

SAP TableT160EX
DescriptionCriteria Table für External BAnfen
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryMaterials Management

SAP Materials Management Tables

PRILOCPrioritizing of Storage LocationsMM
USER_VARUser-Dependent Start VariantsMM
OPS_SE_TEST_MODETest Mode for XI interfaceMM
J_3RJ_CURR_CONVCurrency conversion for Russia specificMM
PURGRequirement UrgenciesMM
EPRTRANSTransfer Table for Purch. Requistions in Ext. Purch SystemMM
PACTActivation of Requirement PrioritizationMM
J_5KFH_CAUTHOutput control for Goods Withholding AuthorizationMM
J_1GPUPREFIXSource / Target Document TypesMM
J_3RJ_CNTRY_TCountry Conversion textMM

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