SAP Table - T163RC

SAP TableT163RC
DescriptionReason for Final Account Assignment Indicator
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassG
Main CategoryMaterials Management
Sub CategoryPurchasing

SAP Purchasing Tables

TMAN2Trigger Group of Message DeterminationMM-PUR
T16LIData Retrieval for List Scope: Purchase RequisitionsMM-PUR
T16LATexts on Status of Requisition ProcessingMM-PUR
SMC_D_C_NRIVCustomizing for Contacts Number Range Interval per SystemMM-PUR
T161Purchasing Document TypesMM-PUR
CRS_PURCHITM_MAPMapping of CRM purchase assignments to preq itemsMM-PUR
EQUKQuota File: HeaderMM-PUR
T163RCReason for Final Account Assignment IndicatorMM-PUR
EKUBIndex for Stock Transport Orders for MaterialMM-PUR
WDFR_DISPPerishables Planning HeaderMM-PUR

Full List of SAP Purchasing Tables