SAP Table - T163RCT

SAP TableT163RCT
DescriptionDescription of Reason for Final Account Assignment Indicator
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassG
Main CategoryMaterials Management
Sub CategoryPurchasing

SAP Purchasing Tables

CPEC_MM_VALRULEArea of Validity for Commodity Pricing Term Rule in MMMM-PUR
T16FCRelease CodesMM-PUR
T16CEOutput Control: Display of Change Documents in PurchasingMM-PUR
EKCPIPurchasing Contract Commitment Plan Item InformationMM-PUR
T166TChange Texts in Purchasing Document PrintoutsMM-PUR
SMC_C_MAXDUPMaximum Number of Dupliates detectedMM-PUR
T162KField Selection, Account Assignment Fields, PurchasingMM-PUR
TMKGGroup of Conditions TableMM-PUR
SMC_D_RFCDSTAssignment of RFC-Destinations according to Process TypeMM-PUR
EKBZH_MAHistory Table Delivery Costs at Account Assignment LevelMM-PUR

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