SAP Table - T16FH

SAP TableT16FH
DescriptionDescriptions of Release Groups
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryMaterials Management
Sub CategoryPurchasing

SAP Purchasing Tables

WRFT_ACT_PROFTDescription of Activity ProfileMM-PUR
TMSI1TDescription of Subitem CategoryMM-PUR
WBO2Log item file for simulative list for load buildingMM-PUR
T160PEntities Table RoutinesMM-PUR
TMAB1Fields, Aggregation Level per Usage and ApplicationMM-PUR
T6I1Document Index: Allowed Condition Types/TablesMM-PUR
WRF_PCON_INRATInternal Contract ApportionmentMM-PUR
WRF_PRCT_WL_SHDWShadow Table for Worklist ItemsMM-PUR
BBP_ES_CNDMAPSRVMapping of ES Conditions to ERP Service ConditionsMM-PUR
EKBZ_MADelivery Costs at Account Assignment LevelMM-PUR

Full List of SAP Purchasing Tables