SAP Table - T300T

SAP TableT300T
DescriptionWarehouse Number Descriptions
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryLogistics Execution
Sub CategoryWarehouse Management

SAP Warehouse Management Tables

T324TDescriptions for Storage Loc. ReferenceLE-WM
LECMOFFSwitch off change management in emergencyLE-WM
T311LDefinition of Run Within a WM GroupLE-WM
LTBKTransfer requirement headerLE-WM
T334TStorage Type SearchLE-WM
T337ADivision of Storage Bins into SectionsLE-WM
T312BProfile for Transfer Order SplitLE-WM
T334PStorage Bin Type SearchLE-WM
T309TNames for Fire-Containment SectionsLE-WM
T312WTime for Planned TO ProcessingLE-WM

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