SAP Table - T312A

SAP TableT312A
DescriptionProfile for performance data
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryLogistics Execution
Sub CategoryWarehouse Management

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SAP Warehouse Management Tables

T340WM TransactionsLE-WM
LDK04Communication Rec. 04 LVS Decentr.: DN Supplem. R/2 -> ERPLE-WM
T342Control of Screen Sequence in WMLE-WM
LECMOFFSwitch off change management in emergencyLE-WM
T331LStorage Classes Allowed per Storage TypeLE-WM
T343IDefinition of Sort Field in Storage BinLE-WM
T337ZBin Sectioning per Storage Bin Type/Storage Unit TypeLE-WM
LDK02Communicat.Record 02 Decentralized WMS: Transfer R/2 -> ERPLE-WM
T327Control of Link between WM and Warehouse Control Unit (WCU)LE-WM
T340DWM Default ValuesLE-WM

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