SAP Table - T313H

SAP TableT313H
DescriptionBar Code Profile: Header
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryLogistics Execution
Sub CategoryShipping

SAP Shipping Tables

TVPODGReason for Variance in PODLE-SHP
LECI_FORMSDefinition of Forms and Print ProgramsLE-SHP
TVIERSales Documents Containing ErrorsLE-SHP
TVLPAIPDetermine Item Category for Delivery Creation Using BAPILE-SHP
TVTZDeadline FunctionsLE-SHP
TVLKAIPDetermine Delivery Type for Delivery Creation Using BAPILE-SHP
LIPSPOLIPS Reference Data Purchase OrderLE-SHP
LECI_EVENT_DATAActivity Data Within the Check-in/Check-out ProcessLE-SHP
TVLAOrg.unit: Loading points per shipping pointLE-SHP
SHP_IDX_EXIBInbound Delivery: External IdentificationLE-SHP

Full List of SAP Shipping Tables