SAP Table - T318T

SAP TableT318T
DescriptionTexts for Picking Waves Profiles
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryLogistics Execution
Sub CategoryShipping

SAP Shipping Tables

SHP_IDX_GDSIOutbound Deliveries: Not Posted for Goods IssueLE-SHP
TVPODSales Document: Delivery: POD DataLE-SHP
TVLPAIPDetermine Item Category for Delivery Creation Using BAPILE-SHP
SHP_IDX_ROGRRough Goods Receipts for VendorLE-SHP
FIP_C_SUBSTCustomizing Table Substitution MaterialLE-SHP
TVLSTDeliveries: Blocking Reasons/Scope: TextsLE-SHP
TLASTLoad Table for Calculating WorkloadLE-SHP
SHPSOCLALog activation of Service Output ControlLE-SHP
TPRIOCustomers: Delivery PrioritiesLE-SHP
SHP_IDX_EXIBInbound Delivery: External IdentificationLE-SHP

Full List of SAP Shipping Tables