SAP Table - T321

SAP TableT321
DescriptionAssignment MM Movement Type --> MM-WM Movement Type
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassE
Main CategoryLogistics Execution
Sub CategoryWarehouse Management

SAP Warehouse Management Tables

T334PStorage Bin Type SearchLE-WM
T646WTexts for Hazardous Material WarningsLE-WM
T321Assignment MM Movement Type --> MM-WM Movement TypeLE-WM
LDK02Communicat.Record 02 Decentralized WMS: Transfer R/2 -> ERPLE-WM
T310Pre-Allocated StockLE-WM
T311ACross-Reference WM Group for DocumentsLE-WM
LXWHSCross Docking warehouse level customizationLE-WM
T328CWhse Act.Monitor: Description of Display VariantsLE-WM
T344Client-Specific Control Table for MM-WMLE-WM
LQUABTotal quant counts for certain strategiesLE-WM

Full List of SAP Warehouse Management Tables