SAP Table - T336

SAP TableT336
DescriptionDifference Indicators
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryLogistics Execution
Sub CategoryWarehouse Management

SAP Warehouse Management Tables

LDK04Communication Rec. 04 LVS Decentr.: DN Supplem. R/2 -> ERPLE-WM
TCMCONTROLControl of change management in decentralized WMSLE-WM
T305TText for Storage Type IndicatorLE-WM
T321Assignment MM Movement Type --> MM-WM Movement TypeLE-WM
T328Warehouse Activity Monitor: Defin. of Critical ParametersLE-WM
T333MMail control for background processingLE-WM
T333UWM Movement Types for Transf.Posting in WM and IMLE-WM
T302TStorage Section NamesLE-WM
T333BTexts for Transfer TypesLE-WM
T333NControl for automatic transfer order creationLE-WM

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