SAP Table - T342

SAP TableT342
DescriptionControl of Screen Sequence in WM
Table TypePOOL
Delivery ClassS
Main CategoryLogistics Execution
Sub CategoryWarehouse Management

SAP Warehouse Management Tables

T326Control Table for 2-Step PickingLE-WM
LL05Whse Activity Monitor: Critical StocksLE-WM
TWAP2TAppointments: Description for Deviation ReasonsLE-WM
LDK03Communication Rec. 03 Decentralized WMS: Del.Doc. R/2 -> ERPLE-WM
LEXUSExtension 2.0 usageLE-WM
T323MLog. Error Handling Host R/2 - Decentr. WMS ERP (Mail Def.)LE-WM
T312Control Performance Data and TO SplitLE-WM
T345Client-Dependent Control Table for WM->PP StagingLE-WM
LECMOFFSwitch off change management in emergencyLE-WM
T334UAccess Strategy for Storage Type SearchLE-WM

Full List of SAP Warehouse Management Tables