SAP Table - T350I

SAP TableT350I
DescriptionCombination of order type and PM activity type allowed
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryPlant Maintenance
Sub CategoryMaintenance Processing

SAP Maintenance Processing Tables

PMCO1Cost profile: Value category proposalPM-WOC
PAMS_TPOOLTPPAM Pools for Functional LocationsPM-WOC
AFVC_DIS_SIGDigital Signature of Order Operation for DistributionPM-WOC
IOCI_FCONVOCI Interface: Field ConversionPM-WOC
ALM_ME_C015PRFConfirmation profilePM-WOC
ALM_ME_PUSH_NTYPDefine Notification Types for PushPM-WOC
PAMS_SETTGraphical Planning Board: Settings for Planning BoardPM-WOC
PMSDOPM organizational data for SD documentsPM-WOC
MSAM_CNOTIDEFDetails for Notification ProfilePM-WOC

Full List of SAP Maintenance Processing Tables