SAP Table - T399J

SAP TableT399J
DescriptionMaintenance parameters (client)
Table TypePOOL
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryPlant Maintenance
Sub CategoryMaintenance Processing

SAP Maintenance Processing Tables

ALM_ME_C012PRFTText Table for Order Type ProfilePM-WOC
T355EResponse time monitorPM-WOC
EAMWS_SAF_CHAR_TSafety Relevance Value DescriptonsPM-WOC
ALM_ME_CMUL_LANGCustomizing Table for Default and Subset languages.PM-WOC
PMCOQT_OPQuantity structure for the maintenance orderPM-WOC
ALM_ME_C070TText Table for Resource ProfilePM-WOC
ALM_NOTI_TYP_SDNotification Type maintenance for Server Driven NotificationPM-WOC
TCMFULScreen Layout for Completion ConfirmationsPM-WOC
IWOT_PROF_SUBTab Pages for View ProfilesPM-WOC
MSAM_CMASTRDATSelection Settings for Master DataPM-WOC

Full List of SAP Maintenance Processing Tables