SAP Table - TBD52

SAP TableTBD52
DescriptionFunction modules for inbound ALE-EDI
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassE
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategoryMiddleware

SAP Middleware Tables

IDXSLOADIDoc Adapter AdministrationBC-MID
IMCSERVICEService Name for Intermode communicationBC-MID
EDIPHONETelephony Data for Partner ProfilesBC-MID
TBDLSLogical systemBC-MID
TBD13Organizational units to be converted in IDoc fieldsBC-MID
TBD12Mapping message type -> serialization and link typeBC-MID
TBDTPBDFALE Template: Parameter Filtering for BAPIsBC-MID
QDIST007tRFC Queue Description (Outbound Queue)BC-MID
UCONURLVHRTRuntime Table for relation among URL, VH, service and configBC-MID
BDCPSChange pointer: StatusBC-MID

Full List of SAP Middleware Tables