SAP Table - TC70

SAP TableTC70
DescriptionDigital signature: SSF information about the user
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategorySecurity

SAP Security Tables

USREXTIDAssignment of External ID to UsersBC-SEC
USR40Table for illegal passwordsBC-SEC
USR21SShadow table: Assignment of user name to address keyBC-SEC
WP3ROLESRVTPortal Roles: Services Short TextsBC-SEC
SAML2_USED_ASSRTStorage Table for SAML2 AssertionsBC-SEC
USRCRCOMBPart List of Variants for Critical Combinations of AuthsBC-SEC
USERS_TMPTime stamp for user menusBC-SEC
USOBT_C_BACKBackup Table USOBT_C for Modified SU25BC-SEC
USR15External User Name (Replaced By Table USRACL)BC-SEC

Full List of SAP Security Tables