SAP Table - TCJO3

DescriptionAssigning Networks and Orders to the WBS
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassG
Main CategoryProject System

SAP Project System Tables

SAVESORT_PS_LOGto save the sort for ps_logPS
LOGHANDLERTable for the log handlerPS
PSHLPDB_CACHE_CPStore changepointers for local cachePS
PSHLP_CACHE_OPTTable to hold Trex/Cache active statusPS
TCNRPIPReference point for relationship between IPPE & PS.PS
TCSCRSettings table for tabs in flexible detail displayPS
PSHLP_DRAFT_DB_NTable holds Draft Workbench InformationPS
CONT01_MARAContainer Table for Material MasterPS
LOGHANDLER_DETDetials of messages for the background JobPS
TMYOBJ_CATS_CUSTMyObjects for CATS Worklist: Active ApplicationsPS

Full List of SAP Project System Tables