SAP Table - TCP01

SAP TableTCP01
DescriptionSAP Character Catalog
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassS
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategoryInternationalization (I18N)

SAP Internationalization (I18N) Tables

BIDT_T_DECLTRbidi flags testsBC-I18
UMGPMCNVReprocess Log EntriesBC-I18
ICONBBidi Control of IconsBC-I18
UMGINFOGeneral information about SPUMG statusBC-I18
TCP04Translation Table for Uppercase LettersBC-I18
UMGSTATStatistics of tablesBC-I18
UMG_TEST_Adata->string converstion test tableBC-I18
CCONTAINERFind Container C CBC-I18
UMGLANGCPSPUMG: Language <-> Codepage AssignmentsBC-I18
TCP0IAValid parameter names and values for TCP0IBC-I18

Full List of SAP Internationalization (I18N) Tables