SAP Table - TCP03

SAP TableTCP03
DescriptionCharacter Set Definitions (Multiple Hex Codes)
Table TypePOOL
Delivery ClassE
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategoryInternationalization (I18N)

SAP Internationalization (I18N) Tables

UMGEXCEPTIONSSPUMG exceptions for tables and packagesBC-I18
UMG_TEST_7Multilangual demo dataBC-I18
UM4CHKPSPUMG: Checkpoint ManagementBC-I18
UMG_TEST_2Multilangual demo dataBC-I18
UMGCHARCOUNTRCharacter statistics for different languagesBC-I18
UMGWORDLISTSPUMG Hint Management: Word listBC-I18
UMGPOCNVTable Pools which should be convertedBC-I18
CONTAINERINFOCollection of all Container FieldsBC-I18
TCP0CLocale names for setting up C-librariesBC-I18
UMGTESTCASEUnicode conversion testsBC-I18

Full List of SAP Internationalization (I18N) Tables