SAP Table - TCUD

DescriptionDependency Maintenance - Allowed Dependency Types per Object
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassS
Main CategoryCross-Application Components
Sub CategoryGeneral Application Functions

SAP General Application Functions Tables

T77PP_PARTPA-PD: Profile - SubprofilesCA-GTF
WFMC_AVAIL_INTVAvailablility Template Time IntervalCA-GTF
HRT5070Table Part of Infotype 5070CA-GTF
BSPXPC_CC_CBOACommands-Business Object AssociationCA-GTF
RPSPHHR02DOMEA: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical ObjectsCA-GTF
RPDLOPR01DMWB: Attribute Values of Logical Information ObjectsCA-GTF
CNVPACKDPConversion: dependent packagesCA-GTF
CNVCDOPUCIA_CUSTCDOP : UCIA - Customizing of Severity LevelsCA-GTF
T7KWPHPRT7KW: Attributes of Physical Information ObjectsCA-GTF
WFAC_APPL_UI_CFGWFM Application UI ConfigurationCA-GTF

Full List of SAP General Application Functions Tables