SAP Table - TF131

SAP TableTF131
DescriptionItem Hierarchies: Name
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryEnterprise Controlling
Sub CategoryConsolidation

SAP Consolidation Tables

TF226Retained Earnings VersionsEC-CS
TF381Upload Methods: TextsEC-CS
TF003SAP Cons.: Assignments of Items --> SetsEC-CS
TF615C/I Tasks: Assignment of Document TypesEC-CS
TFMIG12Migration: Control for Subitem CategoriesEC-CS
TF543Consolidation Tasks: Assignments of Methods and Doc.TypesEC-CS
TF196Hierarchy Levels: TextsEC-CS
TF643Fair Value Adjustments: Version/Date-SensitiveEC-CS
TF262History of Data Entry LayoutsEC-CS
TF506Document Types: Field-Dependent PropertiesEC-CS

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