SAP Table - TF194

SAP TableTF194
DescriptionHierarchies, Version- and Period Category-Dependent
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryEnterprise Controlling
Sub CategoryConsolidation

SAP Consolidation Tables

TF659Activities: Reported Items for Push-down GoodwillEC-CS
TF103Breakdown CategoriesEC-CS
TF206Translation Method VersionsEC-CS
TF656Activities - Default SequenceEC-CS
TF152Dimensions, Screen List, Consolidation UnitsEC-CS
TF665Scope of Reported Data for the Equity MethodEC-CS
TF216Consolidation of Investment Method VersionsEC-CS
TF163Consolidation Units, Version/Period-Based AttributesEC-CS
TF610Tasks for the Consolidation of InvestmentsEC-CS
TF161Consolidation Units: TextsEC-CS

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