SAP Table - TF821

SAP TableTF821
DescriptionOrganizational Changes: Texts
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryEnterprise Controlling
Sub CategoryConsolidation

SAP Consolidation Tables

TFMIG03Allocation: Subgroup -> Consolidation GroupEC-CS
TF199DChar. Values of Organizational Elements: TextsEC-CS
TF203Structure Versions: NameEC-CS
TF180Consolidation GroupsEC-CS
TF211Ledger Versions: NameEC-CS
TF195Hierarchy LevelsEC-CS
TF208Exchange Rate VersionsEC-CS
TFMIG02Allocation: Company -> Consolidation UnitEC-CS
TF370Equivalency Table in MC ValidationsEC-CS
TF290Copy TasksEC-CS

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