SAP Table - TFB05

SAP TableTFB05
DescriptionFree Financial Transactions
Table TypePOOL
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting
Sub CategoryFunds Management

SAP Funds Management Tables

FMWF_AMGRPAmount Groups for FM Role DefinitionFI-FM
FMUP01Update Control with Value Type DependencyFI-FM
FM01HYear-Independent Assignment of Hierarchy Variants to FM AreaFI-FM
FMIAActual Line Item Table for Funds ManagementFI-FM
FMUDKBLPSBudget Increases for Reversal for Forecast of RevenuesFI-FM
FMFRGASGNAssign Transactions to Release Approval GroupsFI-FM
FMDECKHKCAssignment of FM Account Assignment to Cover PoolFI-FM
BPCJControlling Object, by YearFI-FM
TBP1TBudget / Plan Profile TextsFI-FM
FMWF_DOCCTTexts for FM Role Definition Document ClassesFI-FM

Full List of SAP Funds Management Tables