SAP Table - TFIN011

SAP TableTFIN011
DescriptionMapping of Profit Centers to Profit Center Groups
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryEnterprise Controlling
Sub CategoryConsolidation

SAP Consolidation Tables

TF90QSAttributes Basis Field Catalog Consolidation (Fixed Fields)EC-CS
TFIN000Independent Characteristic Values for Consolidation TypeEC-CS
TF390Selected Items for CarryforwardsEC-CS
TF166Consolidation Units Version- and Period Category-DependentEC-CS
TF503Chart-Based Document Type AttributesEC-CS
TF248Assignment of Consolidation Cycles to VersionsEC-CS
TF9N2Master Data Texts: &EC-CS
TF370Equivalency Table in MC ValidationsEC-CS
TF199BOrganizational Elements: TextsEC-CS
TF517Journal Entry Layout: Field NamesEC-CS

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