SAP Table - TFK042HT

DescriptionOwn Bank Details
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting
Sub CategoryContract Accounts Receivable and Payable

SAP Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable Tables

DFKKDOUBTD_RET_WBuffer: Printout for Ind.Val.Ad - Return Values (User Event)FI-CA
TFKWUI_ICONC_TFI-CA: Web UI - Icons per StatusFI-CA
TFK_CC_CONV_SEnhance Mapping of Individual SAP CC Interfaces (Industries)FI-CA
TFK080BTFI-CA Block - Blocking Type TextsFI-CA
TFK047STDunning block reason textFI-CA
TFK0101MIGAdjustment Account for Migration AdjustmentsFI-CA
TFK_NUMGR_ITOfficial Document Number Data ItalyFI-CA
DFKKIP_GRPHPayment Specification: Payment Data (History)FI-CA
TFK2671RInvoicing Document Check: Limit Values for AmountsFI-CA
DFKKINVDOC_OOffsetting Items of Invoicing DocumentFI-CA

Full List of SAP Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable Tables