SAP Table - TFK8030

SAP TableTFK8030
DescriptionEDR Types for Demand-Driven Billing
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting
Sub CategoryContract Accounts Receivable and Payable

SAP Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable Tables

TFK2601Invoicing FunctionsFI-CA
FKKVKP_CHGDISCCharges and Discounts for CtrAcct<->Partner RelationshipFI-CA
DFKKCRADDCR: Additional Information for Payment MediumFI-CA
DFKKBIEDRRJTCProvisionally Rejected EDRsFI-CA
TFK8007Header Data of a Billing RateFI-CA
TFKBOL_INSTRBoleto: Instruction KeysFI-CA
TFKBWT01DFICA to BW - IntervalsFI-CA
DFKKPRNDSEPA: Direct Debit Pre-Notification (FI-CA) Deleted ItemsFI-CA
TFKWUI_ICONCFI-CA: Web UI - Icons per Status (Customer)FI-CA
DFKKDPR_BP_SORTData Privacy: Information on Business Partner RetentionFI-CA

Full List of SAP Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable Tables