SAP Table - TFK8105RT

SAP TableTFK8105RT
DescriptionRestoration Reasons for Billable Items (Texts)
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting
Sub CategoryContract Accounts Receivable and Payable

SAP Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable Tables

TFKARGIPER_CArgentina: Revenue tax rate - CountyFI-CA
TFK060TInstallment plan and loan categoriesFI-CA
TFK006DNote to Payee - StructureFI-CA
BPCT_CRM_TDIDCreation of Text ID Contact -> ActivityFI-CA
FKKDIJOBFI-CA: Distrib. of intervals - table of jobsFI-CA
TFKAVARITWrite-Off VariantsFI-CA
TFKK_SELP_GRPSelection Types - Customizing GroupsFI-CA
TFK2617RCalculation Rules for Calculating Charges/DiscountsFI-CA
TFK2600BDocument Number Assignment:Document Number Already Assigned?FI-CA
TFK2602SControl of Determination of Invoicing OrdersFI-CA

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