SAP Table - TJ11

SAP TableTJ11
DescriptionAssigning system statuses -> authorization keys
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryCross-Application Components
Sub CategoryGeneral Application Functions

SAP General Application Functions Tables

WFAEM_START_DATEStart date of the employeeCA-GTF
CNV_20201_NR_OBJNumber range objects - characteristicsCA-GTF
WFAEM_FIELD_AUI screen group field attributesCA-GTF
KPEP_WL_OMSGStep and Object-Related Messages in the WorklistCA-GTF
T7XP_PROF_POSAssignment of Expert Profile Element to Expert Profile TypeCA-GTF
JSTOStatus object informationCA-GTF
WFMFC_FIXHIST_DFixed History- Obsolete as of 5.0CA-GTF
CRMC_IC_ACTPROFActivity Clipboard ProfleCA-GTF

Full List of SAP General Application Functions Tables