SAP Table - TLSY3

DescriptionControl File for Language Import
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassL
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategoryChange & Transport System

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CTS_SERIALPredecessor-Successor Relationships Between Change RequestsBC-CTS
BC325X20Sample Table for BC325BC-CTS
TRBAT2tp/R3trans Communication Table for Transport ControlBC-CTS
BC325X34Sample Table for BC325BC-CTS
TMSBCIBOXTMS CI Background ContainerBC-CTS
BC325X11Sample Table for BC325BC-CTS
GTABKEY_CUSTThreshold for GTABKEY Online UpdatesBC-CTS
TLOCKPCProject Lock Table for Table KeyBC-CTS
LISCONNECRLIS: Role Assignments to TemplateBC-CTS
E07T___PREVIEWTransport Request Preview: Short Description of a RequestBC-CTS

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