SAP Table - TMAB1

DescriptionFields, Aggregation Level per Usage and Application
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassE
Main CategoryMaterials Management
Sub CategoryPurchasing

SAP Purchasing Tables

MPNCL1Dynamic Calls During Processing of Sub-ItemsMM-PUR
TMAN4Trigger Conditions Messages - Change-Relevant TablesMM-PUR
T162XDescription of Field Groups from T162/T162KMM-PUR
FIP_D_MAT_RCPNTRelationship Material and Recipients in FIPMM-PUR
MEREQ_BADI_EXAMPBAdI ME51N: Example of Customer's Own DataMM-PUR
TMAN7Trigger Conditions - Message ApplicationsMM-PUR
EKABRelease DocumentationMM-PUR
T166TChange Texts in Purchasing Document PrintoutsMM-PUR
T160DFunction Authorizations: Purchase OrderMM-PUR
EKBOIndex of Docs. for Price Determ./Updating, Subsequent Sett.MM-PUR

Full List of SAP Purchasing Tables